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Strip & Clean Gun Servicing at Holland & Holland

With the Shooting Season behind us, now is the perfect time to bring your guns in for a full strip and clean service at Holland & Holland. Through the care and attention of our skilled craftsmen, ensure your gun is in perfect working order for the start of the season.

Our Strip and Clean Service starts with a thorough inspection by our Foreman before any work is carried out. The trigger pulls and ejector timing is checked and we then totally strip down the gun, clean and treat the action to remove dirt and grime, and burnish any bright parts. Where necessary, the pins are re-blued and a new protective lacquer is applied to the action.  The stock and forend are then checked for any cracks.

The barrels are carefully inspected for any dents, bulges or loose ribs. The breech face is then relined and the gun is reassembled.  The gun is then given one final inspection by the Foreman to ensure that all is well.

To arrange your service or to find out more information, please contact the Gun Room:

Tel: +44 (0) 20 7499 4411

Email: gunroomuk@hollandandholland.com