Holland & Holland: The 'Royal' Gunmaker Book

We are proud to announce the publication of a new, updated edition of Holland & Holland: The ‘Royal’ Gunmaker by Donald Dallas. Launched in November, the new book comes just over ten years since its first publication and details a comprehensive history of Holland & Holland since 1835.

A considerable number of photographs and appendices have been added, including a detailed explanation of the development of the .700 Nitro Express cartridge. There are also many new illustrations and descriptions of very rare Holland & Holland shotguns and rifles.

The book was written with the full cooperation of Holland & Holland and is the authoritative history of the company. Several appendices will be of great interest to enthusiasts and owners. All 51 patents are described and the dating of Holland & Holland serial numbers is given from 1855 to the present day. All of the trade labels are illustrated and the rifle cartridges developed and introduced are examined in great detail.

The book was officially launched at a reception held at Holland & Holland’s Bruton Street store, where the author, Donald Dallas, was in attendance to sign a limited number of copies. An exclusive version of the book, featuring a unique dust cover picturing the company’s founder and a Holland & Holland bookmark is available now from Holland & Holland.

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Donald Dallas The 'Royal' Gunmaker Author

Donald Dallas - The 'Royal' Gunmaker Speech

Daryl Greatrex Holland & Holland's Managing Director