Green & Silver Feathers Group

A group of 32 female shots assembled at the Shooting Grounds in April for the final day of the Green & Silver Feathers shooting courses. This enjoyable but competitive day saw the ladies shooting a range of sporting clay stands, competing to win a place on a real game shoot.

Both the Green & Silver Feathers courses include a series of lessons with a Holland & Holland instructor prior to the final day. The Green Feathers is aimed at the novice shot, whilst the Silver Course is for those with more experience, often as a natural follow on from the Green Feathers. Contenders arrived in the morning for breakfast before heading out to tackle the stands. The morning’s shooting is broken up with tea out on the grounds. Once the morning’s shooting was complete, the ladies headed to the pavilion for a three-course lunch and the prize giving ceremony.

This year’s winner of the Silver Feather’s was Veronica Kelly, scoring an impressive total of 56 points out of 64. In second place was Alexandra Skeggs with 51 points. The winner of the Green Feather’s was Dawn Fields who shot a score of 39 out of 50, followed closely by Vicky Currer-Briggs with 38. In joint third were Anna Bance and Charlotte Stacey with 35 points. All six winning shots will join Holland & Holland on a real game shoot later this year. The two overall winners each received a coveted feather brooch to proudly be worn as a recognisable badge of shooting honour.

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