What is particularly striking about this Limited Series of timepieces is
that it is based on a lost know-how. It’s a story that begins and ends.
It’s like an instant photograph.

The calibre 1304 from the Chronomètre Bleu was used, but with the small
second mechanism removed. This allowed to further enhance the texture and
pattern of the dial.

François-Paul Journe decided to use a 39-millimeter steel case, a reference
to the steel used for the gun barrels. The choice of this diameter was made
to underline the uniqueness of the timepiece, since this size had never
been used before. Only 38- and 40-millimeter cases were used at the

The choice of calibre 1304 is also meaningful. This caliber is a precision
chronometer powered by two parallel spring barrels.

The technology was used in marine chronometers at about the time these guns
were being manufactured.