F.P. Journe and Holland & Holland are two manufacturers that share common
values: excellence, exquisite craftsmanship and a shared love for beautiful
things. Their first meeting immediately sparked the desire to produce
something unique. Out of their collaboration came an exclusive Limited
Series of magnificent F.P. Journe timepieces with Damascus steel dials.
Two numbered and registered Holland & Holland museum barrels dating from
1868 and 1882 respectively were used to craft the dials of the limited
series. The Chronomètre Holland & Holland brings together the fine work of
19th Century gun makers and the ingenuity of one of the world’s leading

The process of creating the dials required a close collaboration between
the Holland & Holland factory and F.P. Journe’s own dial makers. After
being cut out in Geneva, they were sent back to Holland & Holland in London
and “browned” using a traditional gun-making technique that helps protect
the steel and highlights the wonderful patterns created during the original
manufacture of Damascus barrels.

The pieces of this limited series were naturally fitted in a steel case for
greater authenticity.