A new .500NE 'Round Action' Double Rifle


SKU: L39051

Description: A new .500NE 'Round Action' Double Rifle 



Calibre: .500 Nitro Express

Action: A pronounced rounded form back-action sidelock design

Triggers: Double with floating front trigger

Safety: Manual



Length: 24 inches, Chopper lump barrels (61cm)

Sight blocks: Standard

Foresight: Standard front sight protector

Reasight: Standard leaf, Regulated @ 50 yards

Telescopic Sight: No scope fitted

Mounts: No scope mounts fitted

Sling Loops: Quick-detachable

Regulation: Norma 570gr Soft Nose



Quality: Deluxe grade Turkish walnut

Grip Type: Classic full pistol hand grip with engraved steel cap with cheekpiece

Butt End Finish: Orange silvers recoil pad

Forend: Traditional game style forend

Measurements: Length: 15¼ inches @ centre (38cm)

Cast: OFF ⅛ inch @ face (3mm)



Detail: Classic fine ‘Rose & Scroll’ engraving pattern

Finish: Case colour hardened


Other Information:

Weight: 10lb-10oz (4.81kg)

Manufacture Date: New

Case: Uncased

Reference: 39051

A new .500NE 'Round Action' Double Rifle
A new .500NE 'Round Action' Double Rifle A new .500NE 'Round Action' Double Rifle