Holland and Holland

Holland & Holland create sporting guns and rifles perfectly suited to the tasks for which they are used. We have been doing so since 1835, when Harris Holland began making guns for his fellow competition pigeon shooters. Gun-making of this calibre blends traditional craftsmanship with modern engineering, not forgetting the artistry of the engraver.

The Factory

In 1898, we bought a site in London’s Kensal Green and built the factory in which all our best guns have been built since. It was originally filled with state-of-the art Victorian gun-making machinery. The old building now houses not only traditionally trained stockers, actioners, barrel makers, finishers and engravers working, at their benches, but skilled machinery operators making full use of the latest computer-based component-making technology. Holland & Holland were the first London gunmakers to modernise this aspect of their manufacturing process, when we introduced CNC equipment in the 1980s.


One constant has remained throughout the decades; a desire to build the very finest sporting guns, with all the beauty and functionality that made the company famous in the 19th century. Today, our craftsmen, each one a specialist dedicated to creating perfection from wood and metal, undergo a full, mentored training process. The younger men learn from the master craftsmen until they can consistently produce work of the quality upon which we insist.

“What does remain constant is the dedication and enthusiasm of our craftsmen and staff, without whom our time honoured tradition of gun-making would wither and die. It is thanks to them that we are, and will remain, ‘The Royal’ Gunmaker.” Daryl Greatrex

Shooting Grounds

We have our own one hundred-acre shooting grounds, offering unrivalled facilities to the sportsman, only seventeen miles from central London. Here, clients can be fitted for new guns or alterations, learn to shoot or hone their shooting skills, with our experienced instructors.




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