For the last 85 years, we have carefully tended our 100 acres of the green belt to ensure its bio-diversity. As a result, the flora and fauna have been enriched and we intend to continue with our high standards of stewardship.

Holland and Holland

Holland & Holland Shooting Grounds Conservation

We take our role as custodians of the land very seriously – we have embarked on a programme of conservation and improvement, creating wildlife ponds and wild flower areas, tree planting programmes to improve the feed and shelter available to birds and animals and re-introducing cowslips, bluebells and primroses. We have resident populations of deer, badgers and foxes. We have a very high song-bird population as a result of the way in which we manage the land, no pesticides or herbicides are used and the meadows have not been ploughed for 70 years.

The rough areas are ideal for butterflies to feed and breed in.  Of particular note are the “woodpecker trees” created by nesting Greater and Lesser Spotted Woodpeckers and Green Woodpeckers, with dozens of nest holes. On the ponds it is not uncommon to see a duck swimming by with a brood of ducklings, whilst people shoot clay pigeons nearby, quite unconcerned at the noise.

This is all carefully monitored by the Prince of Wales’ office and forms part of the terms of our Royal Warrant from him.


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