• Manufacturer:
  • Holland & Holland

Holland & Holland ‘Royal’ Side-by-Side Shotgun

London Gun Room
Product Code: HNG 257

A new Holland & Holland ‘Royal’ Side-by-Side Sidelock shotgun with classic ‘Royal’ scroll pattern engraving, ‘Holland & Holland’ inlaid in gold in a case colour-hardened finish.

These shotguns are available from the London Gun Room.

For more information please email gunroomuk@hollandandholland.com
or telephone: +44 (0)20 7499 4411

  • Features
  • Calibre: 20-bore
  • Barrel Length: 30 inches (76cm)
  • Chambers: 2 3/4 inches (70mm)
  • Chokes: (Right) 1/2 & (Left) 3/4
  • Stock Length: 15 1/8 inches@ centre (38cm)
  • Weight: 6b-2oz (2.77kg)

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Calibre: 20-bore
Action: Holland & Holland patented Self-Opening mechanism, sidelock ejector with hand-detachable locks
Trigger: Single mechanical
Safety: Auto


Barrels: 30 inches, Chopper lump barrels (76cm)
Chamber: 2 3/4 inches (70mm)
Rib: Game rib
Chokes: (Right) 1/2 & (Left) 3/4


Quality: Best quality grade Turkish walnut
Grip Type: Traditional English straight hand grip
Length: 15 1/8 inches@ centre (38cm)
(Can be altered to fit client’s individual stock length measurements)
Cast: OFF 1/8 inch @ face (3mm)
(Can be altered to fit client’s individual stock cast measurements)
Forend: Traditional splinter forend
Butt End Finish: Chequered


Detail: Classic ‘Royal’ scroll pattern engraving  including Holland & Holland name inlaid in gold.
This is the standard Royal Scroll engraving pattern with a colour hardened finish. This classic hardening process requires the parts to be soaked at red heat in bone charcoal. Rapid quenching produces a subtly coloured hardening finish. The model name and ‘Holland & Holland’ name have been indented in Gold to contrast vividly with the darker ‘colour’ hardening effect.
Finish: Case colour-hardened

Other Information  

Weight: 6b-2oz (2.77kg)
Manufacture Date: New
Case: Uncased