Bespoke Gunmaking


Since 1835, Holland & Holland has excelled in making the finest bespoke shotguns and rifles. 

As a gunmaker, we strive to instil the values of quality craftsmanship, tradition and innovation into each and every gun we make. 

Holland & Holland's excellence has been recognised by royalty across the globe. Today, we are the proud holders of two Royal Warrants. 


The perfect combination of art and functionality, a Holland & Holland brings together the best in refinement, innovation, and skill. 


Holland & Holland stands, without equal, as the maker of bespoke guns and special commissions to the world's greatest collectors. 

Whatever inspires you, our London factory will bring it to life in a gun that perfectly compliments your tastes and requirements. 

Combining cutting-edge technology and the unrivalled expertise of our craftsmen, we work with you to create your Holland & Holland: unique, perfectly fitted, and completely functional.



For Bespoke Gun Enquiries, contact us: 

33 Bruton Street

London W1J 6HH

+44 (0)20 7499 4411