Shooting Grounds


The Holland & Holland Shooting Grounds offer unparalleled country experiences for private or corporate bookings. Whether you are seeking peace and quiet or a place to spend time with your family, the grounds offer the perfect escape from the city without venturing outside London.

The Shooting Grounds cater to both game and sporting shots with a wide range of simulated game and clay pigeon targets. Our 100-yard outdoor rifle range provides full facilities to test, zero, and practise rifle shooting in preparation for stalking. As well as lessons, we offer unrivalled gun-fittings and a range of courses to improve performance in the field. New additions to the layout of our grounds include wildflower meadows and a cosy bothy to enjoy between stands. 

In the new lodge, Holland & Holland’s rifle Shooting Cinema, unique to the UK, allows you to practise on interactive film clips of running boar and other quarry with live, full-power ammunition. The Shooting Grounds offers a space to suit most event requirements.


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