Holland and Holland

Adventurers and professionals have relied on this classic British magazine rifle since the early twentieth century. It set the standard across the Empire for handling, reliability and practicality. Holland & Holland have been building it since the end of World War One.

The modified Mauser ’98 action at its heart is available in most modern calibres; from .240 to .500. The most noted incarnation being the .375 Holland & Holland Magnum. This belted rimless cartridge is the most versatile yet developed for a bolt-rifle, famed as the ‘one rifle for the whole world’.

Our quick-detachable mount allows a telescopic sight to be removed and re-fitted in seconds without the need to re-zero. The rugged boltaction and box-magazine have served dependably, in the harshest hunting conditions, for generations. There is no finer hunting rifle.

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Bolt Action Rifle

The 'Bolt Action' Magazine Rifle


Calibres: GBP Available in most modern calibres. GBP
Action: GBP A Mauser model ’98 style action with modified bolt, singlestage trigger and optional wing or side safety for use with a Telescope sight. GBP
Barrels: GBP Fitted with a standard wide-V rearsight with one folding leaf and a standard foresight with folding protector, the barrel band with quick-detachable sling loop. GBP
Stock: GBP Selected walnut with a traditional or Monte Carlo comb style cheekpiece, pistol hand cap box for spare foresight, chequered grip and oil finish, rubber recoil pad or horn butt plate, an optional gold oval engraved with initials or crest. GBP
Rifle weights: GBP Weights depend upon the bore and the specification but the following may be helpful as a guide: GBP
.300 H&H GBP from 8lb 4oz (3.75kg) GBP
.375 H&H GBP from 9lb 0oz (4.08kg) GBP
.400 H&H GBP from 9lb 12oz (4.42kg) GBP
.465 H&H GBP from 10lb 4oz (4.65kg) GBP
The 'Bolt Action' Magazine Rifle





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