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Holland & Holland has been making best guns in London, continuously, since 1893. An essential part of our work is keeping them in service, be they ours or by another maker.

Regular servicing will keep your gun or rifle in perfect order. Whether a basic strip and clean, or the total renovation of a vintage gun, our restoration department provides the ideal environment and our gunmakers the necessary experience to deliver the best results.

Where appropriate, we undertake the re-barrelling and re-stocking of guns of any age or make, subject to condition.

Strip & Clean Service

Strip & Clean Gun Servicing

Regular maintenance of your gun or rifle is essential to keep it in perfect order and we suggest it is carried out every two years.

The gun is tested and inspected for damage, wear or faults, then fully stripped. All internal parts are thoroughly cleaned, polished and dried, then re-assembled and lubricated. Pins are blued and the action lacquered, if required.

The foreman checks that the barrels are tight on the action, the ribs are sound and the barrels free from dents or bulges. Trigger pulls and ejector timing are checked and regulated, if necessary.

This simple, regular service protects your investment and ensures your gun will be at its best for generations to come.

Strip & Clean Gun Servicing


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