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The origins of the ‘Round Action’ Rifle can be traced back to the popular Dominion model of the past century.

The ‘Round Action’ is made from the same high-quality materials used in all our rifles, by the same craftsmen, to exacting standards. The strong, solid-bar action is machined from a billet of steel; the rebounding back-locks are fitted with intercepting safety sears and the rounded body allows for smooth and easy handling. 

Like our ‘Royal’ Double Rifle, the ‘Round Action’ Rifle’s chopper-lump barrels have cut rifling and a proven ejector system. The result is an elegant rifle, easy to handle and with perfect mechanical efficiency.

The ‘Round Action’ is the right choice for close quarters, where nothing but a proper double rifle will do.

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Round Action Double Rifle

The 'Round Action' Double Rifle


Calibres: GBP Flanged cartridges only, in cal. 7mm to .500. GBP
Action: GBP A pronounced rounded form back-action sidelock design Two triggers - the front floating for large calibres, with a manual or automatic safety. GBP
Barrels: GBP 24" (61cm) chopper-lump, with quick-detachable sling loop, standard only wide-V rearsight, regulated for P.O.A at 50 yards with stipulated ammunition. GBP
Stock: GBP Selected walnut, polished, and oiled finished with fully rounded pistol grip, steel grip cap, cheekpiece, recoil pad or heelplate, an optional gold oval engraved with initials or crest. GBP
Engraving: GBP Scrolls and borders, with Holland & Holland ’gold name’ inlay - colour-hardened or bright finish. GBP
Rifle weights: GBP Weights depend upon the bore and the specification but the following may be helpful as a guide: GBP
7mm & 8mm GBP from 8lb 0oz (3.63kg) GBP
.300 H&H: 9,3mm GBP from 8lb 10oz (3.90kg) GBP
.375 H&H GBP from 9lb 6oz (4.30kg) GBP
.500/.465 H&H GBP from 10lb 2oz (4.60kg) GBP
.500/3" N.E. GBP from 10lb 13oz (4.90kg) GBP
The 'Round Action' Double Rifle



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