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The demand for a thoroughly modern British over-and-under for shooting game and clays became apparent in the 1990s. An extensive consultation process with some of the world’s finest shots resulted in our new model; the ‘Sporting’ Over-and-Under.

The heart of the new gun is our fully hand-detachable trigger-plate lock, incorporating both single-trigger and firing mechanism, which can be removed for cleaning via a discrete release lever. Holland’s bifurcated locking bolt allows for a low-profile, elegant action.

London-built, dependable, easily-maintained and robust, with Holland & Holland’s in-built pedigree and guarantee of style, handling and quality. The ‘Sporting’ is a ‘best’ gun for the twenty-first century.

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Sporting Over-and-Under

The 'Sporting' Over-and-Under Shotgun


Calibres: GBP 12, 20 and 28-bore. GBP
Action: GBP Holland & Holland design with quick-detachable selective single trigger-lock assembly, top lever opening, with nonautomatic thumbpiece safety incorporating a barrel selector. GBP
Barrels: GBP From 25" to 32" (64cm to 81cm) integral breech construction. Game or ventilated top rib, the chokes bored as specified, or with optional interchangable chokes with 2¾" or 3" (70mm or 76mm) chambers. GBP
Stock: GBP Selected walnut, polished and oiled finished to the individual’s measurements, with a choice of grip styles, finely chequered, an optional gold oval engraved with initials or crest. Recoil pad or butt plate. GBP
Engraving: GBP Scrolls and borders, with Holland & Holland ’gold name’ inlay - colour-hardened or bright finish. GBP
Gun weights: GBP Weights depend upon the bore and the specification but the following may be helpful as a guide: GBP
12-bore GBP from 7lb 12oz (3.52kg) GBP
20-bore GBP from 6lb (2.72kg) GBP
28-bore GBP from 6lb (2.72kg) GBP
The 'Sporting' Over-and-Under Shotgun





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