Our purpose-built London Factory is steeped in history and houses the finest master craftsmen in the industry. The knowledge that has been passed down over generations flows in to every shotgun and rifle produced today, these time-honoured traditions and skills blend beautifully with modern materials and cutting-edge technology.


From the drawing board up, each Holland & Holland is a precisely engineered work of art. We strive to blend the very latest in technological advances in materials and digital processes with our time-honoured traditions to produce the very finest shotguns and rifles available today.


The production of any Holland & Holland begins with the barrels, which all start life as two lengths of solid steel. These tubes are meticulously drilled, turned, reamed, joined and polished to ensure a perfect, elegant line. Our expert barrel-makers take hundreds of hours to guarantee each barrel is perfectly round and concentric, creating pieces of immense strength, functionality and beauty.


At the heart of our manufacture are our actions; intricate feats of mechanical elegance, crafted to flawlessly marry with our barrels. Each moving part works according to the best engineering principles; stress and wear are both minimised to ensure operation is effortless for generations.


Our stocks are carved and shaped from finest Circassian walnut, an aesthetically stunning and notoriously strong wood that is dried for several years to ensure it remains true. The stock connects each individual with their gun as it is pulled into the shoulder and held in the hand, making it one of the most personal parts of the build, especially as all of shotguns and rifles are bespoke fitted.


All of our engravers are talented artists, with the ability to transform the most fanciful ideas into reality and each possessing their own particular skills and style. From our iconic ‘Royal’ Scroll pattern to finely detailed game scenes or creative use of precious metal inlays, there is no limit what our engravers can create.


The craftsmen in our Finishing Shop bring together all the processes carried out throughout the build to breathe life and soul into every gun. The finisher’s skills ensure the final details of every intricate technique are perfect from ejector-timing to trigger pulls; from lacquering the metalwork to chequering and polishing the wood to a lustrous glow. Once the final touches are complete the gun is ready to leave us and begin its life in the field