Founded by Harris Holland 

Born 1806, the son of an organ builder, Harris Holland begins his enterprise in the world of shooting and gunmaking.


First Holland patent no. 1904

A slide and drop mechanism and a bolt action are the first of many innovations to be patented by Harris Holland.


A partnership is formed

The partnership between uncle and nephew, Harris and Henry Holland, is formalised, renaming the company as Holland & Holland.


Holland & Holland wins in all classes of ‘The Field’ rifle trials

A landmark moment for the company, as the success in the 'The Field' rifle trials asserts their status and attracts much acclaim. Holland & Holland is granted a Royal Warrant from the King of Italy.


A new factory opens at 906 Harrow road

The largest and most impressive of its kind, the iconic premises on Harrow Road was designed from the ground up with gunmaking production in mind.


The debut of the .375 Magnum cartridge

A venerable calibre and significant innovation for the company is still regarded as one of the most popular dangerous game rounds in use today.


Patent No. 202405 for the self-opening action is introduced

This patent marks the last significant innovation for the ‘Royal’ Side by Side shotgun, one of the most elegant and sought-after shotguns ever put in to production.


The Holland & Holland Shooting Grounds, re-locates to Northwood

The countries finest shooting ground is established on the site in Northwood, where it remains today.


Awarded the first contract to produce the No.4 (T) Sniper Rifle

Making a contribution to the war effort, Holland & Holland go on to produce a total of  23,117 units of the highly accurate rifle.


The Holland family sell most of their shares of the business.

After more than 125 years of ownership and involvement, the Holland family no longer have a significant interest in the company.


Granted Royal Warrant from Prince Phillip, The Duke of Edinburgh.

A keen and devout countryman, The Duke of Edinburgh would go on to be a loyal customer and patron.


Holland & Holland is acquired by Chanel.

Marking a new era, ownership under Chanel would see significant investment in the company. The legendary .700 Express cartridge is also introduced, a landmark moment in the industry.


The Harrow Road factory is substantially renovated

The iconic factory undergoes modernisation and sees upgrades to machinery and facilities.


Granted Royal Warrant from Prince Charles, The Prince of Wales.

Now reigning as King Charles III, the then Prince of Wales bestows the company with his royal warrant as supplier of bespoke guns, shooting accessories and country clothing.


The Shooting Grounds pavilion and facilities see a major overhaul and investment

The Northwood location gets a full makeover, including the introduction of the indoor rifle cinema, the only one of its kind in the UK.


Holland & Holland is purchased by Beretta Holdings

The iconic British brand is becomes the jewel in the crown of Beretta Holdings fieldsports and firearms portfolio.


The flagship London Gunroom relocates

Moving to 36 St James Street, on the corner with Jermyn Street, Holland & Holland establishes a new home in central London.


The first new gun in two decades is introduced.

The introduction of the ‘Noble’ Over & Under heralds a new generation of shotguns. The company re-introduces a clothing and accessories collection, with tradition and performance in the field at its heart.