24 July 2023

Meet the Team - Nicola Lawlor

This month we meet Nicky - one of the first faces you will see on arrival at the Shooting Grounds and an integral part of the Front of House team.

Meet Nicola Lawler, an integral part of the Front of House team.

Hi Nicky, How long have you worked for Holland & Holland and what did you do before that? 

I will have been with Holland & Holland for ten years in June. I worked for an IT company before that.

Did you grow up in this area? 

No I didn’t. I grew up in Wembley when it still had the old stadium and twin towers.

You are often the first face guests will see as they walk through the door but what exactly does your job involve day to day?

Welcoming clients, making reservations, answering emails, enquiries and telephone calls.  Ensuring the guests feel properly welcomed and leave us with a good impression and wanting to come back and visit us again - hopefully bringing new faces with them.  

What do you most enjoy about your job and what are the greatest challenges?

I enjoy meeting new clients but I do like seeing our old loyal clients too who I have had the pleasure of knowing for nearly a decade now and it’s really nice to see some introduce their children or grandchildren to clay shooting with us at the Grounds. The greatest challenge is ensuring all guests, whether they be old or new want to come back and the pleasure you get when they remember you when they do.

Do you shoot and if so is it something you would like to do more of? If not, would you be interested in trying? 

I do not shoot but have tried here on the Grounds and really enjoyed it, I would like to do more

if time allows.

What are the biggest changes you’ve seen in the company since you joined?

The corporate side of the business is so much busier than it was when I first started and the offerings we now provide are amazing. The dining and bar options along with the standard of instruction here is second to none.

Do you get to see a lot of people returning to the shooting grounds time after time?

I do and we are very lucky we have such loyal clients.

What other interests and hobbies do you have outside work?

I enjoy walking, reading and finding new country walks and of course pubs to explore! 

Do you think you have to have an intrinsic love of field sports to work for Holland & Holland?

Not at all. You may be more knowledgeable if you do but you learn something new every day working here.

What is the most commonly asked question in your job?

What days are we open!