5 September 2023

Meet the Team - Steve Kerr

Meet Steve - The man in charge of the Gunroom at the Holland & Holland Shooting Grounds.

What is your job title at Holland & Holland and what exactly does your job involve day to day

My main responsibility is to look after the Gunroom at the Holland & Holland Shooting Grounds. My role involves interacting with customers, engaging them in the brand and its rich history. I’ve found myself answering a wide variety of questions. 


When did you start working for Holland & Holland and what did you do before that?

I joined the team at the start of June, so very fresh to the role. It’s been fascinating but a very steep learning curve. In my previous role I ran a shop close to Peterborough called Whittlesey Gun Shop. It is more of a traditional shop dealing in everything and everyone.


Did you grow up in this area? 

I originate from Stirling in Scotland spending my youth on estates, but have been down in the Southeast for the last 10 years. The weather is considerably better.


What first attracted you to this field, and specifically to Holland & Holland?

I have always had a passion for the countryside and field sports. My role here at Holland & Holland allows me to find the balance between a work life I enjoy whilst keeping me engaged and constantly learning about hundreds of years of history. I also get to deal with other people as passionate about their hobbies as I am.


What is the best thing about working in such a prestigious gunroom?

Getting the opportunity to handle and ‘play’ with such iconic pieces. Having been a keen shot my entire life and working in the shooting industry, they have always been a highly coveted gun, it is the pinnacle of the UK gun trade. Who wouldn’t want to work for such a company…


In your eyes, what sets the Holland & Holland Gun Room from others in the market?

Not only being surrounded by such beautiful guns, but being part of the rich history. It never fails to amaze me the passion people have for Holland & Holland when visiting our Gunroom. People are always keen to relay their own experiences with the brand, being it with grandad’s heirlooms, historic individual firearms, or just something they would love to own themselves one day. People have a real admiration for what we do.


What do you think you will most enjoy about your new job and what might the greatest challenges be?

I think I will enjoy working on the Shooting Grounds as part of a hardworking but friendly team. I’ve been made to feel very welcome in my short time with the company. The biggest challenge so far has been the vast amount of information to take on board. Not only the specifics of the range Holland & Holland offer but the history and nuance of it all too.


Are there any upcoming events, or new product releases that you are looking forward to? 

I am very excited to see the new range of clothing and accessories that will compliment what we already do.


What other interests and hobbies do you have outside work?

Outside of work I enjoy spending my time in the field stalking. Moving South has presented me with opportunities that I wouldn’t have had otherwise, I recently managed to take my 6th and final UK species of deer. 


What is the most asked question in your job so far?

The most frequently asked question would be ‘What makes them so expensive?’. Once you explain the time and craftsmanship that goes into each individual gun, people go away with more of an admiration for pieces and what we offer.


If you could choose one gun made by Holland & Holland, what would it be? 

The dream gun would be the Holland & Holland Royal Side by Side 20b with case hardened action and traditional scroll engraving. I love the balance of the case hardening with deep contrasted walnut. They can be a striking gun to look at whilst keeping with the traditional Holland & Holland style. Having been lucky enough to have tried one, I’ve realised I have expensive taste.