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Unbeknown to many of our clients, Holland & Holland has been the supplier of British-made falconry gloves and hoods for many years.

Our gloves are made from deerskin, which combines strength and suppleness. The hood is used to calm the falcons and allow them to be handled more easily.

The art of falconry, commonly defined as the hunting of wild quarry using trained birds of prey, is believed to be at least 4000 years old. Falconry was both a way of hunting game for food, and a popular sport and status symbol among the nobles of medieval Europe, the Middle East and the Mongolian Empire.

In the Middle East during the 12th Century the Crusaders were introduced to the excitement of flying falcons, and to the idea of the hood.

In Britain, falconry reached its peak in the 16th Century, but in the mid 17th Century the English Civil War caused a massive increase in the manufacture of guns. From then the Goshawk was made redundant, but a few of the nobility continued to hawk for sport, mostly with the noble Peregrine Falcon. Today, falconry has enjoyed a renaissance and is still practiced in the Middle East and to a high standard worldwide.

Like thoroughbred horses, falcons are expensive; their lineage is important and therefore they must be shown at their finest.

Holland & Holland’s falconry equipment is available from Bruton Street and Harrods.


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